About Us

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Erik W. Centner, is native to Arizona. Erik was born in Tucson and graduated from Arizona State University. Erik began riding motorcycles while in the Navy, stationed in Pearl Harbor during his Submarine tour of service. His first motorcycle was a Yamaha FZR 600, which he enjoyed as an escape from submarine duties and as a way to explore the Hawaiian island. He continued his motorcycle fascination after his Honorable Discharge and while pursuiing of his degree at Arizona State University. A lot has changed, but not his enthusiasm for the motorcycle community. After growing up in Arizona and graduating from college, he moved to New York to attend law school. In New York, he represented motorcycle riders that expesionted accidents. With the goal of assisting other riders who have been hurt in accidents, Erik returned to Arizona, the land of open roads, amazing landscapes, and great riding weather.

While in Arizona, Erik Centner, discovered that much of the presently available group of personal injury attorneys lack the clear goal of “the customer comes first”. Many claim it, few practice it. Numerous attorneys and firms, place their advertising budgets first, and prey on motorcycle riders as an easy resource for fees. Those that claim to handle motorcycle accidents, treat them just like car accidents. Several firms merely bought a license from a motorcycle accident advertiser who feeds cases to the highest bidder.

As a Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Erik W. Centner understands what you have lost, the danger of your injury affecting your family’s future. Erik W. Centner’s goal is to recover your full compensation, and return you to whole, getting you back on your bike and healthy.

In other law firms, riders who have been injured at the hands of negligent drivers, receive substandard representation. Many of the attorneys, who claim they represent injured riders have no knowledge of the true impact an accident can have on a rider. Many attorneys simply treat an injured rider, like all other clients, failing to understand the difference between the riding community and motor vehicle accident drivers. At the Law Office of Erik W. Centner, Erik will treat you like family, like a brother in the motorcycle community.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Erik W. Centner, is a tough litigator, skilled negotiator and strategic fighter with a protective instinct. His years of working for, and against, insurance companies, has sharpened his litigation skills and made him a firm adversary and attorney. His years of working with the insurance companies and their attorneys have erik develope a understanding of the insurance companies delay tactics and perspective.

Erik W. Centner is no stranger to the courtroom. “Ships belong at sea; Attorneys belong in the courtroom.” He will do whatever is necessary to protect an injured rider and ensure his clients receive what they deserve. Erik W. Centner understands the strategy in using skilled and highly sought-after experts and accident reconstructionist, biomechanical engineers, vocational rehabilitation experts, economists and medical experts. Erik W. Centner is relentless: he won’t back down until he gets the best results for his clients. He loves to win and does so with integrity and professionalism.