What Now?

So you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, now what? I was a motorcycle rider long before I became an attorney. We know the dynamics of a motorcycle accident, the type of injury and damage that can occur and the domino effect it has on your life and your family. Only riders know how differently a motorcycle handles from a car and only motorcycle accident lawyers know how different a collision is for a motorcyclist. We have unprecedented experience in fighting the toughest cases, including the ones other lawyers reject. Make the wise choice to consult with a seasoned professional–our tough motorcycle accident lawyers are waiting to help and fight for you. Find out what will happen to your bike, get help with proper medical diagnosis, and what the next steps are in the process. Dealing with insurance, doctors, time off work, addition financial stress can be very complicated and stressful.

Most Law Firms Handle Many Types of Personal Injury Cases:

Erik W. Centner, has elected to handle motorcycle cases. One Attorney per client, no exception.

Motorcycle Injury Attorney, Erik W. Centner, has over 20 years of experience. He is a fellow rider, and a litigator. You will meet personally with your attorney, not an associate or paralegal. Your case will be handled by the attorney you meet, and you will not be passed around to Associates or “Case Managers”. Most firms have “Case Managers” handle cases. Case Managers are non-legal trained, non-college educated employees making critical decisions on your case. Not so with this law firm.

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